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Education, if looked at beyond its conventional boundaries, forms the very essence of all our actions. What we do is what we know and have learned, either through instructions or through observation and assimilation. When we are not making an effort to learn, our mind is always processing new information or trying to analyze the similarities as well as the tiny nuances within the context which makes the topic stand out or seem different. If that is the case then the mind definitely holds the potential to learn more. As Brian Herbert famously said, “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”

In spite of advancements in the teaching learning process, Education can never be considered an exact science. It will always be a humane art which needs progressive ideas, by keeping social and human values as the central focus of its development. Education is the most important tool which offers inner and outer strength to a person. Education is the fundamental right of everyone and capable of bringing any desired change and upliftment in the human mind and society and it is with a strong commitment to the quest for excellence in the field of education that the “Progress of students is our vision and their success is our mission”

At CJLPS, We celebrate the life of a child from early childhood to Adolescence. Our endeavour is to take the students beyond textbooks. Our sincere efforts prepare them for a responsible life ahead; and inculcate moral values in them for the noble virtues. We also empower a child with the right skills to navigate the right path in life. The teachers and parents work together tremendously to mould a child into a responsible, sensitive & intelligent individual. I also want to share few words of wisdom that the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet. Don’t get disheartened of failure, learn to experiment, have quest for knowledge and have faith in yourself.